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Liam Eagle


The cloud infrastructure market is dominated by a handful of large companies but there continues to be innovation and growth in the segment of alternative vendors outside the few hyperscalers.

Cloud usage continues as COVID-19 drives businesses of all types to become more reliant on cloud-based resources.

The 451 take

While the hyperscale public cloud vendors account for the largest part of the cloud infrastructure market, the growth of that market overall continues to benefit the alternative vendors that occupy the smaller portion. The growth of cloud usage and spending continues as the COVID-19 pandemic has driven businesses of all types to become more reliant on cloud-based resources and to adapt to more digital models for service delivery.

As the breadth of organizations seeking cloud solutions continues to grow, a gap in the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the most advanced cloud platforms is a common limitation. This presents an opportunity for the alternative vendors to solidify the role of their services as delivering the core value proposition of cloud in a simpler, more digestible and often lower-cost configuration.

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