Evolution and Transformation in the Managed Infrastructure and Alternative Cloud Market

Service providers are facing increased pressure to transform in order to compete. A modernized approach to cloud infrastructure and alternative cloud solutions provide a path to success.

The dominance of a handful of hyperscale public cloud vendors has created new expectations for how hosted infrastructure is delivered, even as the advancing complexity of those platforms puts them outside the skill sets of a significant portion of the SMB market. The result is both the need for managed hosts and other infrastructure providers to develop more modern cloud services, and an opportunity for those providers to deliver an alternative cloud platform to their customers.

Virtuozzo, in collaboration with 451 Research, discuss these dynamics and provide important insight that will help service providers gain a competitive advantage.

Discover the trends driving the emerging market for alternative cloud providers

Learn about the critical technical and service requirements necessary to be a credible competitor in the market

Discuss the approach some service providers are taking to developing, operating and selling these new categories of services

Expert Panel

Liam Eagle,
– Research Director, Head of Voice of the Enterprise & Voice of the Service Provider, 451 Research

Charles Lalieu,
– Senior Head of Marketing, Virtuozzo

Anna Severinko,
– Senior Director of Engineering, Virtuozzo

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