Software Developer in Test, Automation

Date Posted: June 8, 2020

Why Work At Virtuozzo?

At Virtuozzo we constantly work on our product quality. This requires a dedicated quality assurance team where engineers know how to write thorough tests in Python, computer networking and at least some Linux userspace or kernel knowledge. What is even more valued is the ability to analyze and troubleshoot issues that arise during the product development iterations.

You will be working on a hyper-converged cloud infrastructure solution called Virtuozzo which includes a modified QEMU/KVM hypervisor, Virtuozzo Containers and Virtuozzo Storage product that provides highly available storage clusters for use by containers and virtual machines. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to contribute to the quality of open projects we develop and use such as CRIU, QEMU, KVM, VCMMD, libvirt, Linux kernel and others.

If you have used at least one Linux distribution for some time, have programming skills in Python and have some experience with REST APIs we would really like to have you on board.


  • Development and maintenance of test automation in Python;
  • Debugging of issues that our continuous integration system reports after running tests;
  • Working with userspace, kernel, hypervisor and infrastructure teams on issue isolation and resolution;
  • Participation in the development process improvement by doing internal development tasks that make our teams more efficient;
  • Optional but highly appreciated: making contributions to the product code base (we try not to limit the responsibilities with only the test code development).


  • Python programming skills;
  • Logic and problem solving skills;
  • Ability to work in an unfamiliar environment and learn on the go;
  • Computer networking: understanding of the TCP/IP stack;
  • English language skills: you may and/or prefer to read documentation in English, you also may describe a problem so that other engineers are able to understand it.

Great to have:

  • Desire to grow in the area of cloud technologies (OpenStack, Libvirt, qemu/kvm);
  • Knowledge of Linux debugging and tracing utilities (strace, gdb, binutils etc.), kernel interfaces (procfs, sysfs);
  • Experience with at least a single virtualization technology (QEMU/KVM, VMware, XenServer etc.) or a containerization technology (OpenVZ, Docker, LXC);
  • Proficiency in the Linux network stack and/or common network utilities (ifconfig, iproute2, bridge-utils, ping, traceroute, arp, tcpdump, iptables). Any computer networking certification (e.g. CCNA or JNCIA);
  • Ability to learn new technologies at a rapid pace.

Moscow, Russia
127273, Otradnaya street, 2B bld 9, "3rd floor"

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