Software Developer in Test, Performance team

Date Posted: July 25, 2019

Why Work At Virtuozzo?

Performance team is working on Virtuozzo product performance optimizations. This work also includes development and maintenance of performance tests and infrastructure for full cycle of product benchmarking process including scheduling on hardware nodes, product and guest OS deployment, test results reporting and comparisons.

We're looking for software developer who is interested in discovering Virtuozzo product mechanics, performance tests development and maintenance, can carry out performance evaluations, experiments and researches, investigate bugs and would like to improve product performance proposing optimizations.


  • Development and maintenance of performance tests and infrastructure (Python, rarely C/C++)
  • Product performance evaluation, comparisons with competitors and regression testing
  • Test fails analysis: recognize and fix test bugs, recognize and report product bugs
  • Product architecture review: find bottlenecks, propose performance optimizations
  • Writing reports and whitepapers with performance comparisons


  • Python language programming skills (at least intermediate level) and development experience
  • Strong Linux administration experience (deployment, configuring services, network, RAID, etc.)
  • Windows internals, Linux internals
  • Base skills in containers and virtual machines management
  • Understanding of modern OS principles: processes scheduling, inter-process communication, storage subsystem, networking
  • Understanding of modern hardware subsystems: CPU, memory management, storage subsystem, networking
  • Ability to perform experiments and researches, find solutions on Internet forums
  • Ability to process and aggregate data, write reports and whitepapers

Knowledge and actual experience in any of the following is a plus:

  • C/C++ programming experience
  • Ability to use vim, git, gdb, strace, top, vmstat
  • Experience in performance optimizations (profiling, performance monitoring tools)
  • Experience in Linux kernel-space programming
  • JavaScript/HTML web programming experience
  • Physical or metrology education background

Language skills:

  • Technical English

Moscow, Russia
127273, Otradnaya street, 2B bld 9, "3rd floor"

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