Virtualization Developer

Date Posted: May 25, 2020

Why Work At Virtuozzo?

Virtuozzo is a server virtualization solution for data centers of hosting providers, which provides the possibility to distribute physical resources among virtual environments (machines and containers). We are looking for Virtualization ะก Developer to develop one of the subsystems.

Possible responsibilities may include:

  • Developing of a highly loaded asynchronous subsystems emulation of a device for virtual machines: disk or network subsystem;
  • Devices emulation on the physical layer (anti-drivers writing);
  • Enhancing productivity in comparison with competitive products (KVM/VMware/VirtualBox);
  • Working with Linux/Windows para-virtualized device drivers (both VirtIO and HyperV stack experts are welcome);
  • Classic BIOS/UEFI BIOS development.


  • Excellent C knowledge;
  • Experience in developing and adjusting loaded IO and network applications;
  • Excellent knowledge of low level Unix programming: both kernel and userspace experts are welcome;
  • Posix API;
  • Linux and/or FreeBSD.

Knowledge and actual experience in any of the following is a plus:

  • Understanding of Linux or Windows or FreeBSD kernel internals;
  • Experience in opensourse projects development which can be proved;
  • Experience in programming/ adjusting of Windows;
  • Experience in embedded systems (drivers) programming;
  • Commits made into QEMU/Linux kernel (especially KVM) would be a big plus.

Language skills:

  • Good knowledge of technical English

Moscow, Russia
127273, Otradnaya street, 2B bld 9, "3rd floor"

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