Adding Value Through Our Partnerships

Virtuozzo works to ensure that our customers have the tools and support they need to run their businesses efficiently.

Build applications and services efficiently and deploy them quickly with reliable and scalable infrastructure from Intel and Virtuozzo.

Drop costs while improving agility and performance in your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environment with Virtuozzo containers.

Add cost efficiency, scalability and security to your Red Hat compute infrastructure with software-defined storage from Virtuozzo.

Virtuozzo also maintains business and technology partnerships with several additional companies, including:


Virtuozzo for Docker Swarm provides Docker-certified, software-defined, persistent storage that runs on commodity hardware for running containers in production.


WHMCS’s integrated platform enables Virtuozzo customers to automate their operations, reduce costs and improve customer support, as well as provide customers with self-service access to manage their billing and services.


Ubersmith provides a suite of usage-based billing, quoting, order management, infrastructure management and help desk ticketing solutions that helps Virtuozzo customers run their businesses more efficiently.


Diaway helps Virtuozzo customers optimize their infrastructure CapEx and OpEx by advising them on selecting the best hardware for their needs and helping to source it for them at a competitive price point.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud provides an integrated private cloud platform that enables Virtuozzo customers to design, develop, deploy and manage on-premises, containerized cloud applications behind their firewalls.


ApiHawk leverages Virtuozzo 7 to deliver a full range of cost-effective, proven, flexible hosting solutions that help optimize performance, satisfy security requirements, and guarantee stability of resources for customers.


Virtuozzo provides experimental support to businesses that use AMD x86-based microprocessors as a reliable hardware component for their virtualization and high-performance computing needs in combination with Virtuozzo 7.


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