Virtuozzo with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Drop costs while improving agility and performance in your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environment.

Improving economies of scale while delivering value to customers

Virtuozzo provides the only nested virtualization technology that cuts Amazon EC2 instances into smaller VPSs with no performance impact. Using Virtuozzo Hybrid Server and Amazon EC2 together can help you:

  • Gain financial agility by reducing operational expenses
  • Maintain competitively-priced VPS service offerings
  • Scale on demand for unexpected workload increases
  • Have better performance from large EC2 instances


Additional benefits from deploying Virtuozzo Hybrid Server in your data center

High-performance and high-availability computing infrastructure with industry-leading 24x7 support when needed.

Increased ROI from existing or new hardware investments, with no vendor lock-in and no appliance needed.

Encryption and scalability for data protection and capacity expansion as business needs require.


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