Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure Appliance Powered by Diaway

Optimize CapEx and OpEx with an all-in-one hyperconverged solution.

A hyperconverged platform that helps companies provide cloud services and private infrastructure solutions for enterprises and service providers.

Key Benefits


Reduce the complexity of IT operations.

Decrease CapEx and OpEx

By automating your infrastructure provisioning, monitoring, and planning processes, security and data protection.

High Availability

Automatically recover systems from server or component failure.

Increased Server Performance

Get the most of your infrastructure resources with virtualization and highly scalable storage.

Ready Solution

Improve time to market for new and existing services by using out-of-the box hardware and software solution that saves time and additional resources.

Reduce TCO

Improved infrastructure scalability that enable you to lower your total cost of ownership.

Diaway is an official AMD EPYC™ ELITE PARTNER 2019

We’re excited and thankful to have our partners supporting the launch of AMD EPYC 7002 Series Processors. Their EPYC based solutions are poised to deliver a new standard for modern datacenter customers. With twice the cores, breakthrough performance, and embedded security protection, all delivered by a leadership architecture, customers can transform their datacenter operations at the pace of their business.

– Scott Aylor, corporate vice president and general manager,
Datacenter Solutions Group, AMD

Technology Features

High-performance and high-availability virtual machines.

Secure and isolated Software Defined Networking with VXLAN encapsulation based on distributed virtual switching technology.

Single management console for hyperconverged compute, storage and networking services.

Built-in advanced analytics and monitoring with a modern alerting system and enterprise overview dashboards.

Fast and simple installation with no need for professional services.

Data redundancy in case of any type of hardware failure, with support for block storage (VM volumes, iSCSI), file storage (NFS), and object storage (S3).

High-performance block storage for hot data and virtual machines, natively integrated with compute services.

Cost-effective cold data storage with erasure coding that optimizes disk space for storing petabytes of data.

Object storage compatible with any S3 applications and clients for building an S3 cloud, with scalability up to a billion objects and with usage statistics for billing.

Easy and smooth scalability for growing clusters by small steps on one server or disk.

Comprehensive integration with third party systems via 100% compatible OpenStack APIs such as WHMCS and CloudBlue APS.

Multi-tenant architecture that provides security and isolation between independent instances of applications operating in a shared environment.

Full Windows guest support for desktop and server editions with automatic installation of high performance paravirtualization drivers.