Data Center Agility with Virtuozzo and Intel

Build applications and services efficiently and deploy them quickly with reliable and scalable infrastructure.

Accelerating infrastructure performance in a competitive marketplace

Using the integrated containers, VMs and software-defined storage in Virtuozzo 7 with Intel® Optane™ technology to modernize your data center:

  • Get up to 150% better random read and 7x better random write performance on Optane SSD DC P4800X compared to previous-generation Intel SSDs
  • Deliver up to 98% of that performance to virtualized applications
  • Exceed 500,000 input/output (I/O) operations per second (IOPS)


Many companies are looking to transition from traditional infrastructure in their data centers to improve agility, performance, and customer service. Software-based infrastructure solutions can help speed the transition if they are built on reliable components, such as what Virtuozzo and Intel together can provide.

– George Karidis, CEO, Virtuozzo

Additional benefits from deploying Virtuozzo 7 in your data center

Flexible, persistent, software-defined storage that also improves performance and cost efficiency in Red Hat, Docker and Kubernetes environments.

Increased ROI from existing or new hardware investments, with no vendor lock-in and no appliance needed.

High-performance and high-availability computing and storage infrastructure with industry-leading 24x7 support when needed.

Encryption and scalability for data protection and capacity expansion as business needs require.

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