Virtuozzo Storage for Red Hat Ecosystems

Add cost efficiency, scalability and security to your Red Hat compute infrastructure with software-defined storage.

Certified storage for Red Hat ecosystem production-ready environments

Virtuozzo Storage enables data centers to manage persistent data in cloud native environments. It can support multiple use cases for enterprises and service providers, including:

  • iSCSI for traditional enterprise applications
  • Container storage with persistent volumes for cloud native apps and micro-services
  • S3 object storage for microservices and cloud-native applications
  • Block storage for virtualization
  • NFS shared storage

Red Hat container certification assures a supportable and performant platform for all types of customer deployment models. Red Hat is thrilled to work with software partners like Virtuozzo, resulting in the world’s largest commercial ecosystem for containers.

– Mike Werner, Senior Director, Global Technology Partners, Red Hat

Key Benefits

Cost-efficiency from leveraging existing off-the-shelf hardware.

Scalability to hundreds of nodes with petabytes (PB) of storage capacity.

Bank-grade encryption that protects entire clusters or specific tiers of data.

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