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Severity level indicates the relative impact of an issue on Customer’s system or business processes. Virtuozzo Support uses the following severity level definitions to classify all support requests:

Severity 1 (Urgent):

Critical Business Impact

  • A production hardware server is down or does not boot (excluding hardware issues).
  • Virtuozzo Software does not start, hangs or crashes on a production server.
  • Data unavailability on production Virtuozzo Storage cluster (Infrastructure platform).
  • A virtual environment (container or virtual machine) with business-critical service does not start or is unavailable. A business-critical service does not work after backup restoration or after migration.
  • Customer’s production use of Virtuozzo Application Platform (VAP) product on a primary production server is stopped or severely impacted that the Customer or his commercial end users cannot reasonably continue work.
Note #1: The issue affects a significant number of end-users. No workaround or immediate solution is available. Once a workaround is made available, the issue becomes Severity 3 (Normal).
Note #2: For Severity 1 and 2 cases it is required to specify a contact phone number on the web form and make sure you can answer it right away in order to work on the issue on an ongoing basis. If you are unreachable over the phone, Severity can be reduced to 3 (Normal) by the decision of a Support team leader or account manager.
Severity 2 (High):

Significant Business Impact

  • An entire component does not work and/or Customer is unable to use it as described in the documentation. The issue affects a significant number of end-users and/or virtual environments.
  • Significant performance degradation of a crucial service that causes high impact on business operations for a significant number of end-users. Once workaround is available and situation is stabilized the issue becomes Severity 3 (Normal).
  • A new installation does not function, the system does not boot, hangs or crashes, and it blocks further deployment/provisioning of virtual environments.
  • A production system has a major issue after installation of software updates (e.g., new virtual machines are not created) and the issue remains after updates are removed.
  • Assistance with recovering system after hardware failure.
  • A problem is affecting production high availability cluster/Virtuozzo Storage and is causing service disruption. Excluding the problems falling outside the Scope of Technical support.
Note #1: The issue should be reproducible at the moment of ticket creation, so investigation can be performed right after the issue is reported.
Severity 3 (Normal):

Nominal Business Impact

  • A stable solution or workaround is provided for a higher severity incident and Support Team continues to investigate for the root cause.
  • A Customer is able to use the Software; however, there is a non-critical loss of functionality.
  • Functionality of some components is impaired but allows the users to continue using the Software.
  • Software updates cannot be installed, or some minor functionality fails after update.
  • An issue affects a limited number of the end-users (e.g., Power Panel does not work for a few environments; migration a specific virtual machine does not work).
  • An issue is reported for the lab/staging/development environment and does not impact the delivery of service for end customers.
  • An issue is not stably reproducible, or the issue is intermittent. Integration with other products does not function properly.
Note #1: The issue should be reproducible at the moment of ticket creation, so investigation can be performed right after the issue is reported.
Severity 4 (Minor):

Minimal Business Impact

  • A minor cosmetic issues or general software/functionality usage questions.
  • Enhancement requests or recommendations for the future product improvement.
  • Clarification on product documentation or release notes.
  • Missing or erroneous documentation reports.

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