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What is the Support and Update Service (SUS)?

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2017 03:47PM UTC

Support and Update Service (SUS) is the software maintenance program which entitles customers to technical support and allows customers to perform a major version upgrade to a newer version free of charge.

SUS applies to Virtuozzo, Virtuozzo Storage and Virtuozzo Containers.

SUS for Lease licenses (that are paid for on a monthly or yearly basis) does not have expiration date; it is valid while the license is valid.

SUS for Perpetual/Purchased* licenses (that are 1 time purchases) is activated for one year with the initial purchase and can be subsequently renewed.

If the SUS on your license has expired and you want to upgrade to a newer version of Virtuozzo you have the option to reinstate the SUS on a key for a reinstatement fee.

SUS Facts

  • SUS is included with your initial license fee(s) which entitles you to technical support.
  • SUS is required to update your software licenses to new releases.
  • SUS is an optional service for license owners.
  • SUS can be renewed only while it is active.
  • If SUS on a key has expired, it can be reinstated for a reinstatement fee.
  • SUS is not transferable and is issued to a specific software license key and its owner.
  • SUS does not include installation services.

To check an exact SUS expiration date, please contact [email protected].

How to renew/reinstate SUS

To renew/reinstate SUS please contact [email protected].

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