Billing System

The platform supports the following billing systems (the one used on your particular platform depends on the service provider):

  • WHMCS Billing System - Web Host Manager Complete Solution, is one of the leading web hosting management and billing software, which automates all aspects of the business
    Tip: The WHMCS integration is ensured with the help of the appropriate plugin, which provides smooth integration of the two products and allows PaaS account management directly via the WHMCS dashboard.
  • OBA Billing System - Odin Business Automation, is a billing automation solution for the small and medium web hosting businesses management and scaling
  • OBAS Billing System - Odin Business Automation Standard, is an automation solution, which supports management of all the business aspects of a web hosting service
  • HostBill Billing System - a powerful and flexible, all-in-one automation solution that handles billing, client management and support in online businesses. Easily extensible via modules and integrated with apps to create the most comprehensive solution for your needs

Also, some particular hosting providers can opt to use a custom billing system. In such a case, refer to the appropriate provider’s documentation for the additional details.

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