How to Install Celebrity Chat

Celebrity Chat is a simple chat application, where each person that comes to the page gets assigned the name of a celebrity. You can chat with each other. Role play. Keep it PG.

This app with a fairly simple code shows the killer feature of NodeJS: websockets. It exchanges a few messages with server and client in real time. The libraries used are express, ejs, and a websockets library called

Let’s examine how to get the Celebrity Chat application hosted just in a few minutes with the help of the platform.

Create an Environment

1. Log in to the platform within your credentials and click Create environment button in the upper left corner.

create environment

2. In the opened dialog box switch to the Node.js tab. Application server will be already chosen as the only available one, therefore determine the required resources amount for it using the cloudlets sliders, type your environment name (e.g. celebritychat), and click Create button.

environment wizard

3. Your environment will be created in a minute.

environment for Celebrity Chat created

Add Project

1. Navigate to the Celebrity Chat project at GitHub. Click Copy to clipboard button at the HTTPS clone URL field.

GitHub Celebrity Chat

2. Then return to the platform dashboard and click Add project icon next to your NodeJS server.

add project

3. In the opened frame switch to the Git tab and fill in the URL text field with an HTTPS link you’ve just copied at GitHub.

add Celebrity Chat project

Click Add button to proceed.

4. Wait until the project is successfully added and built. Then just run the application by means of pressing Open in Browser icon next to your environment.

open Celebrity Chat in browser

Congrats! Now you can start use your own Celebrity Chat.

Celebrity Chat

Share with your friends and have fun!

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