Charged Resources

Resource consumption for each environment is charged to the account owner on an hourly basis.

Primary Chargeable Resources


RAM & CPU are measured in a platform resource unit called a Cloudlet. A Cloudlet is equivalent to 128 MiB RAM and 400MHz CPU.

Resources are charged on an hourly basis:

  • RAM usage: the peak RAM usage over the hour
  • CPU usage: the average CPU usage over the hour

When calculating your cloudlet usage, we only consider the larger of RAM or CPU usage each hour (not both combined). E.g. if during one hour your average CPU usage is 2400MHz (6 cloudlets), and your peak RAM usage is 1024MiB (8 cloudlets), you pay for 8 cloudlets - not the combined total (14 cloudlets).

view cpu usage

There are two types of cloudlets: reserved and dynamic.

Reserved cloudlets are reserved in advance (using the topology wizard).

Dynamic cloudlets are scaled dynamically for your application.

Note that you are not charged for the RAM, used for disk cache and buffers.

More details about cloudlet charges and the differences between Reserved / Dynamic cloudlets can be found in the Pricing System and Automatic Discounts documents.

Provider-Dependent Charges

The following resources are charged at some hosting providers, but others include a free amount.

Disk Space

Disk Space usage is measured in GB. Like all platform resources, you only pay for your actual consumption (you do not need to buy extra space “just in case” you need it). More details about charging disk space can be found in the Pricing system and Automatic Discounts documents.

Tip: If facing a need to store data in a separate storage node, consider using Master or Compound data containers to lower disk space consumption and reduce overall environment cost.


Traffic usage is measured in GB. Only external traffic (between your environment and the Internet) is charged. Internal traffic (within your environment, or between environments at the same hosting provider) is absolutely free. More details about charging traffic can be found in the Pricing system and Automatic Discounts documents.

Optional Extras

With the platform you can add the following optional services to your environment:

Public IPv4 is an external IP address which is directly accessible from outside of the cluster. This allows you to form direct connections between the Internet and specific servers within your environment. Otherwise (without buying a Public IPv4 address), traffic is routed from the Internet to your environment via the platform resolver (SLB).

Built-in SSL is a protocol which establishes a secure connection between your client and your environment (some hosting providers offer this service free of charge).

More details about charges for optional services can be found in the Pricing system and Automatic Discounts documents.

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