How to Install Mibew Messenger

Mibew Messenger (or Open Web Messenger) is a freeware and open-source application for online support in real-time. It is a kind of a call button, which is integrated into your site. A customer clicks on it and the chat with the support engineer begins. Mibew messenger doesn’t have a limitation on the operators, chats or users number.

Create Environment

If you don’t have a PaaS account, please register it as described in the Getting Started document.

1. Log in to the platform dashboard and click Create environment button in the upper left corner of the dashboard.

2. Choose the PHP tab. Pick Apache as your application server and MySQL as a database. Name your environment or use the default name. Click the Create button.

Mibew Messenger environment topology

3. Just in seconds your new environment will be created and displayed in the environment list.

environment for Mibew created

You have received two emails as well: the first one with the confirmation of successful environment creation and the second one - with MySQL authorization details.

Configure Database

1. Open the letter with a subject “MySQL node successfully added” in your Email box. Find there your Access URL, Login and Password.

MySQL credentials email

2. Enter the phpMyAdmin panel by clicking on the access URL. Add your username and password (or copy them from the email).

3. Go to the Users tab and create a new user with an option “Create database with same name and grant all privileges”.

database add user

create dedicated database

Upload and Install Application

1. Download the latest version of the Mibew Web Messenger (zip archive) choosing a language pack from the list or the default package.

download Mibew Messeger

2. Go to your platform dashboard and click Upload in the Deployment Manager. Choose your archive file and click the Upload button.

upload Mibew package

3. Click the Deploy to icon next to the name of your archive file and choose your Environment. If you want to deploy several projects into one server specify the application’s target context (in our case it is not necessary).

deploy Mibew Messenger application

4. Go to the Config Manager of Apache by clicking on the Config icon next to its name.

Apache config button

5. Find config.php file (/webroot/ROOT/libs/) and edit the next lines:

  • at 21 line insert: $mibewroot = ""
  • at 31-34 line insert the needed data for MySQL connection (your MySQL host name, database name, user name and password you’ve created earlier)
  • at 43 line insert your email

Save these changes.

Mibew configuration file

6. Open your environment with next path:


If everything went well, you can see the Installation interface.

7. Click on the Create required tables.

Mibew Messenger installation

8. Access the panel with the Login (admin) and an empty space in the Password field.

log in as Mibew admin

9. Here you go! Now you have your support application deployed in the platform and can work with an Administrator panel of the Mibew Messenger.

Mibew messenger successfully deployed

What’s next?