NetBeans Plugin for Application Deploy

You can create own project in NetBeans IDE and deploy it right into your environment.

Create New Project

1. Click the New Project button in the upper tools panel of NetBeans IDE. netbeans create new project

2. Choose the Java Web category and the Web Application project. Click Next. netbeans create java web application

3. In the opened window, enter the desired Project Name, specify Project Location and Project Folder. Click Next to proceed. netbeans set project name and location

4. Select one of your environments in the Server drop-down list. If needed, specify the context and click Next one more time. netbeans project server and settings

5. If you want to use frameworks in your application, tick the required ones and click Finish. netbeans project frameworks

6. Your new web project will be created in a moment. netbeans new project created

Deploy Project

1. Right-click the name of your project and choose the Deploy menu item. netbeans deploy project

2. Next, the .war archive of your project will be built and deployed to the platform. project build and deploy log

3. To make sure everything works open your application URL in the browser manually or automatically by clicking Open App in browser in the Services tab. open deployed application in browser

As a result your application will be opened. deployed project

With the platform NetBeans IDE plugin installed you can easily manage, develop and deploy your applications without switching between the IDE and the browser.

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