NetBeans Plugin Management

You can easily manage your existing Java environments through the Services tab.
For that expand your Cloud list and choose the desired environment. netbeans remote cloud access

Stop/Start Environment

1. To stop an environment right-click on it and choose Stop environment. netbeans remote stop environment

2. If you want to run already stopped environment, right-click on it and choose Start environment. netbeans remote start environment

Log Files

1. You can easily manage log files on your platform instances directly in IDE. Expand the required node to find the log file you are interested in, right-click it and choose Get log (or just double click). netbeans remote get logs

2. Log file will be automatically opened. netbeans view remote server logs

3. If you want to save log file, choose the File > Save As menu item. remote logs save as

Application Context

If you have a deployed application, you can right-click on the appropriate context in the environment to open your application in the browser. netbeans open app in browser

Also, using this menu you can delete the chosen context.
In order to learn how to deploy NetBeans projects into the platform directly from IDE read the linked document.

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