How to Install NodeKick

NodeKick is an open source real time multiplayer fighting game, built at 2d. This application shows a non-trivial usage of and a HTML5 canvas framework called pixijs, sharing the common code on the server and client (physics engine in this case).

Follow the next simple steps in order to get your NodeKick application hosted with the help of the platform.

Create Environment

1. Log in to your dashboard and create a new environment.

create environment

2. In the appeared Environment topology wizard navigate to the Node.js tab and choose NodeJS as your application server. Enable Public IPv4 address for it using the appropriate switcher. Then state the required amount of resources using the cloudlet sliders, type your environment name (e.g. nodekick), and click Create button.

environment wizard

3. In a minute your environment will appear at the dashboard.

environment for NodeKick created

Add Project

1. Navigate to the NodeKick project page at GitHub and copy its HTTPS URL with the corresponding button (circled below).

NodeKick at GitHub

2. Then switch back to your platform dashboard and click Add project icon next to your NodeJS application server.

add project

3. In the opened frame select Git tab and fill in the URL field with a HTTPS link you’ve copied in the previous step.

add NodeKick project

Click Add button to proceed.

4. Once your project is successfully deployed, open it by means of pressing Open in Browser icon next to your environment.

open NodeKick in browser

Now you can start using your own NodeKick server, ran with the help of the platform.


Play with your friends and have fun!

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