Billing via OBAS

This step-by-step instruction shows you how to convert and refill your account if your hosting provider uses OBAS (Odin Business Automation Standard) system.

At the moment OBAS system is used by Layershift, Cloudplatform, Elastx, DOCKTERA and Axarnet.


1. At the dashboard click the button Upgrade trial account in the drop-down menu.

upgrade trial account button

2. Fill out the required fields in the opened window and confirm your agreement with Terms of service. Click Next.

OBAS trial to paid conversion

3. Select the payment method (Credit/Debit card or Paypal) and state the sum using the slider. Click Next and then confirm your choice.

Note: Some hosters provide the additional payment methods alternative to the given by default. In this case you’ll be offered to contact the hoster to be able to use some other ways of funding.

OBAS first refill

Card Payment Method

Enter your card details and click Proceed.

enter card derails

After that Purchase Authentication window will be opened. Enter the password for full authentication.

PayPal Payment Method

  • with PayPal account

Click Log In button and state your email and password of your PayPal account to make the purchase.

log in OBAS account

OBAS account credentials

After conversion you’ll get emails with information about the state of your account converting and refilling. Also such information will appear in the message at the dashboard.

Tip: If you would like to use auto-refill option in the platform dashboard, you should tick the “I’d like to use PayPal for future payments to {hoster’s name}” line as it is shown below:

PayPal auto-refill

  • without PayPal account

You can use PayPal payment method even if you don’t have the PayPal account. For that click the Buy as a guest button. In the opened window enter your billing information.

PayPal refill as guest

Fill in all the required fields and press Continue button. After that enter your debit/credit card details in the appeared window.

PayPal card details

You’ll get emails with information about the state of your account converting and refilling. Also such information will appear in the message at the dashboard.

Note: Using this method of payment you won’t be able to use auto-refill option in the platform dashboard.


You can order recharge cards (One-Time Fee service plans) both from OBAS online store and the platform dashboard.

Through Platform Dashboard

1. If you need to replenish your account click Balance > Refill balance. State the sum using slider and click Submit Payment.

refill ballance

2. If you use card as a payment method:

Enter card details and click Proceed. Then enter the password for the full authentication.

refill with card

Tip: If you have already refilled account with this card earlier you won’t need to enter card details one more time. You just need to confirm refilling and that’s all.

3. If you use PayPal as a payment method:

Log in to your PayPal account and complete the purchase.

refill with PayPal

After replenishment you’ll get emails with information about the state of your account refilling. Also such information will appear in the message at the dashboard.

4. Also you can set auto-refill due to your demands. Click Configure auto-refill button in the drop-down menu.

configure auto-refill button

In the opened tab specify the amount you want to put on your account and choose the frequency of refilling:

  • weekly (every Monday)
  • monthly (1st of each month)
  • when balance less than the stated sum (up to your choice)

Confirm your choice.

OBAS auto-refill

If you want to switch Auto refill off click the link to disable it.

OBAS disable auto-refill

5. Using Payment methods button in the drop-down list you can choose your default payment method which will be used automatically while refilling.

6. Click View invoices to open Odin Business Automation Control Panel with your Billing history which includes all financial documents issued for your Account (namely, Invoices, Orders, Payments, and Adjustments).

7. Click Billing history to view the data about consuming the resources of your balance by the platform.

Through OBAS Store

Prerequisites: Your account need to be converted to billing.

List of PaaS One-Time Fee service plans is displayed in the main page of OBAS Online Store. You may choose and buy one of them.

PaaS service plans in OBAS

1. Choose the required One-time fee item and follow the steps of the wizard.

2. State whether you are a new customer of OBAS or an existing one:

  • I’m an Existing Customer - in this case you just need to enter your email address and password. Click Sign In. OBAS existing customer

  • I’m a New Customer - if you don’t have OBAS account yet, you have to perform trial-to-paid conversion process as listed in Conversion section.

3. Your order has been prepared. Review the order details and click Place Order to proceed to the payment page.

OBAS review and place order

4. Select a payment method.

OBAS payment method

5. Enter card details and click Proceed to complete the payment.

OBAS card details

What’s next?