How to Install OpenSearchServer

OpenSearchServer is an open source application server that allows to easily develop index-based applications such as search engines. It provides a set of advanced searching functions, such as full-text, boolean and phonetic search, filtered search, automatic language detection, relevance customization, etc.

OpenSearchServer is written in Java and can be integrated into almost any kind of application without the need to produce Java code. REST/XML APIs make OpenSearchServer connectable to other programming languages, and “advanced plugins” capability allows sophisticated customizations.

So, let’s find out how to get the OpenSearchServer application hosted just in a few minutes with the help of the platform.

Create Environment

1. Log in to the platform and click Create environment button in the upper left corner of the dashboard.

create environment

2. In the opened window select Java tab and choose Tomcat as your application server. Use the cloudlets sliders to determine the required resources usage, type your environment name (e.g. osserver) and click Create button.

environment wizard

3. Wait just about a minute for your environment to be created.

Open Search Server environment created

Upload and Deploy Application

1. Navigate to the OpenSearchServer official web-site and click .WAR button in the Downloads & documentation section to download the required distributive package.

Open Search Server download

2. Return to your platform dashboard and click Upload button at the Deployment Manager tab. In the opened frame browse to the downloaded file and click Upload.

upload archive

3. Now press Deploy to icon next to the uploaded .war file, choose the environment you’ve created before, and confirm the deployment in the opened frame.

deploy Open Search Server

4. Wait until the deployment is successfully finished and run the application by means of pressing Open in Browser icon next to your environment.

open in browser

Now you have your OpenSearchServer hosted and ready for work at the platform.

Open Search Server


What’s next?