How to Deploy OpenCMS

You can have a OpenCMS instance up and running within minutes using one-click install option.

The process is simple - just click Get it hosted now, type your email and install OpenCMS in a minute skipping the steps of manual installation.

Instruction on Manual OpenCMS Installation

This is a step-by-step instruction on deploying OpenCMS, content management system, into PaaS. The platform can natively run any Java application with no code changes required so the procedure below is applicable to most Java applications.

Create Environment

1. Log into the platform dashboard.

2. Click Create environment to set up a new environment.

create environment

3. In the Environment topology window, select Tomcat as your application server and Maria DB as a database, type your environment name, for example, opencms, and click Create.

environment wizard

4. In a minute your environment with both Tomcat and Maria DB will be created and appears in the environments list.

Upload Java Package

1. Go to OpenCMS web-site and download the latest OpenCMS distribution WAR file.

download OpenCMS

2. Upload the downloaded Java WAR package using Deployment manager.

upload OpenCMS

3. Once the package is in the platform, deploy it to the environment you have just created.

deploy OpenCMS

Configure Database

1. Switch back to the platform dashboard and click Open in Browser button for Maria DB.

open MariaDB in browser

2. While you were creating the environment, the platform sent you an email with credentials to the database. Create an account and the database with the application using these credentials.

database add user

create dedicated database

Configure OpenCMS

1. Increase the limit of max_allowed_packet as OpenCMS prompts you to do so.

max allowed packet

2. Restart the database.

Install and Start OpenCMS

1. Open the application in web browser (click Open in Browser buttom for your environment). You will get the next message:

OpenCMS not initialized

It’s ok but you need to launch OpenCMS startup. To do so, navigate to http://{your_environment_name}.{hoster’s_domain}/setup and come through the Setup Wizard and accept the license agreement.

OpenCMS license

2. In OpenCMS Setup Wizard, specify the URL of the database and the credentials, you have just provisioned.

OpenCMS database connection

Finally you can launch OpenCMS and use all its capabilities!


Hope this instruction will be useful for you!

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