How to Deploy phpMyFAQ

phpMyFAQ is a multilingual database-driven FAQ-system. It supports various databases and PHP 5.3 (or higher).

phpMyFAQ offers:

  • multi-language Content Management-System (CMS) with a WYSIWYG editor and an Image Manager;
  • HTML Editor;
  • flexible multi-user support with user and group based permissions, templates;
  • PDF support;
  • Facebook and Twitter support;
  • LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory support;
  • Easy-to-use installation script.

It is easy to install this application into your platform. Just follow the next steps.

Create Environment

If you don’t have an account, please register it as described in the Getting Started document.

1. Log in to the platform dashboard and click Create environment button in the upper left corner of the dashboard.

create environment button

2. Choose the PHP tab. Pick Apache as your application server and MySQL as a database. Name your environment or use the default name. State the cloudlet limit for each added node. Click the Create button.

phpMyFAQ environment topology

Your new environment will be created in seconds. You have received two emails as well: the first one with the confirmation of the successful creation of the environment and the second one - with MySQL authorization details.

Configure Database

1. Open the letter with MySQL node successfully added subject in your email box. Find there your Access URL, Login and Password.

2. Enter the phpMyAdmin panel by clicking on the Access URL. Add your username and password (or copy them from the email).

MySQL database log in

3. Go to the Users tab, create a new user (e.g. phpmy) with an option Create database with same name and grant all privileges ticked.

database add user

create dedicated database

Upload and Install Application

1. Go to phpMyFAQ official site and download the latest version as .zip archive.

download phpMyFAQ

2. Go to your platform dashboard and click Upload in the Deployment Manager window. Choose your local archive file and push the Upload button.

upload phpMyFAQ package

3. Then click the Config button for Apache server in your environment.

Apache config button

4. You can see a config manager below. Navigate to the ROOT folder (/webroot/ROOT) and create new attachments, data, and images folders (without capital letters).

create folders for phpMyFAQ

5. Open your application by clicking the Open in Browser button.

open Apache in browser

6. You have reached a phpMyFAQ Setup page. Fill in all the needed fields here:

  • Database hostname (without http://);
  • Database user (the one you’ve created during database configuration);
  • Database password (you’ve created during database configuration);
  • Your email.

And choose three more parameters for administrator: Name, Login, Password.

Press the Click to install phpMyFAQ button.

phpMyFAQ configuration

7. You will be redirected to the Survey page. Enjoy it and click the Click here to submit the data and finish the installation process link.

phpMyFAQ survey

8. Here you can see your version of phpMyFAQ and login into your admin section.

phpMyFAQ successfully installed

9. Go back to your platform dashboard and open Apache configuration manager. Navigate to the /webroot/ROOT/install folder. Find update.php file there and delete it.

delete update.php file

Your application is installed into your platform. Enjoy!

What’s next?