Web Applications in the Cloud with Struts

The Struts framework is designed to help developers create web applications that utilize a MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. It is a free open-source solution for creating Java web applications.

Struts provides three key components:

  • A “request” handler provided by the application developer that is mapped to a standard URI.
  • A “response” handler that transfers control to another resource which completes the response.
  • A tag library that helps developers create interactive form-based applications with server pages.

Wondering how to get all these benefits in the cloud? It’s easy! Just follow the next steps.

Create Environment

1. Log into the platform dashboard.

2. Click the Create environment button:

create environment

3. In the Environment topology window, select Tomcat as your application server, set the Cloudlets limit, type your environment name, for example, struts, and click Create.


In a minute your environment will be created and will appear in the environments list.

environment for Struts created

Upload Java Package

1. You can download some examples for testing here. Just execute the downloaded ZIP and choose the necessary .war file.

2. Upload your war package to the Deployment manager (we use struts2-showcase.war as an example).

upload Struts application

3. Once the upload process is finished, deploy a WAR archive to the environment you have just created: specify the context name, for example struts, and click on the Deploy button.

deploy Struts application

If you use the same app for testing don’t deploy it to the ROOT context (otherwise you will get configuration errors later on).

4. After the deployment is successfully finished, launch the application in a web browser.

open Tomcat in browser

As you can see, now your application is up and running!

Struts application

What’s next?