Add VM as a User Node on Google Cloud

To add a new host to your platform installation on the Google cloud, access GCloud console and follow the next steps:

1. Open the VM Instances section and click on your PaaS installation to view details.

PaaS VM on Google cloud details

2. Locate information on the Zone (region), Network, and Subnetwork for this VM.

PaaS on Google zone network subnetwork details

3. Create a new VM within the same region as the main PaaS instance. Any preferable zone can be selected.

Tip: For example, if the us-central1 region is used, you can choose any of its zones, e.g. us-central1-a, us-central1-b, etc.

create Google instance for PaaS

Next, select the Centos 7 as your Boot disk and provide at least 100 GB of disk space.

4. Set Network and Subnetwork same as for your main VM.

configure network on Google instance for PaaS

Create the configured instance when ready.

5. Log into the Cluster Admin Panel and navigate to the Hosts section.

PaaS Lite Edition admin panel

Click the Add button at the tools panel.

6. Within the opened frame, copy the command for a new host addition.

SSH command for hardware node addition

7. Connect to the server you’ve added on the Google Cloud via SSH and get root privileges by executing:

sudo su

8. Run the host addition command from the 6th step.

That’s all! When operation is completed, the server will be added to the PaaS cluster with all required interconnections.

What’s next?