Add VM as a User Node on Vultr

In order to add a new host to your platform installation on the Vultr, you need to prepare an appropriate VM.

1. Access your Vultr dashboard, go to the Products > Instances, and click Deploy New Server.

Vultr deploy new server

2. In the opened Deploy New Instance page, select the Cloud Compute server.

Note: Currently, the platform installation on top of the Bare Metal server is not supported.

choose Vultr server

3. Choose a preferred server location from the list, for example Frankfurt.

choose server location

4. Next, on the 64 bit OS tab, select the CentOS > 7 x64 option.

choose server type

5. Select the required Server Size (with at least 4 GB RAM and 2 vCPUs).

choose server size

Note: PaaS trial license allows using up to 64 GB RAM. Upgrade (purchase) license to choose a server with higher capacities.

6. Once your instance is created, log into the Cluster Admin Panel and navigate to the Hosts section.

JCA add new host

Click the Add button on the tools panel.

7. Within the opened frame, copy the command for a new host addition.

add host SSH command

8. Connect via SSH to the Vultr server and run the host addition command from the previous step.

Wait for the host to be included automatically in the PaaS cluster with all required interconnections.

What’s next?