Administrators Access

The administrators of the Jelastic platform are operations departments of hosting providers or IT departments of enterprise companies. After the platform installation, they become the owner of the platform and begin to manage the overall performance via Jelastic Cluster Admin Panel by setting the main configurations (quotas, tariffs, customization etc.) and supporting all of the required aspects.

There are four main tasks performed by the administrators during the Jelastic Cluster lifecycle:

administrator tasks

Jelastic provides a full set of analytics, documentation and required tools for performing the above mentioned tasks in an efficient and high quality way.


Before the Jelastic installation, Administrator and Jelastic perform a Pre-flight check where they negotiate all the required details. This includes the steps of signing the contract and providing the required set of hardware based on the Hardware Requirements document.

If the given resources meet the requirements, the installation is performed. Jelastic Cluster is installed with the initial default configurations.

After installation, Administrators move to the POC (Proof of Concept) step where they can get closely acquainted with the system and check the performance in general.



When the initial testing is done, Administrators can start adding custom configurations to prepare the platform for the developers.

The Jelastic Platform can be launched in two ways:

  • as a Beta version and then upgrading to Commercial
  • as a Commercial version Most of the custom settings can be performed using the Operations Guide and other useful Jelastic documentation. In addition, Administrators can contact the Jelastic Operations Team to get assistance with their configurations.



When the Jelastic system is up and running, Administrators can monitor and manage the overall Cluster health and its components via JCA (Jelastic Cluster Admin) panel.

By using this admin portal, it is possible to:

  • provide administrative control over the cluster
  • set the main configurations
  • get statistics
  • perform support of the users and some internal processes
  • monitor users' activities
  • troubleshoot issues

For more information on the JCA usage, navigate to the JCA Guide.



We are constantly improving Jelastic Platform-as-Infrastructure and that is why new versions are released from time to time. Every Administrator can update the installed Jelastic system to the latest version.

This process consists of three main steps:

  • Plan
  • Update
  • Testing

At the beginning, Administrators receive a plan of the update process. The Jelastic Operations Team provides all necessary information about the changes made in the requested version and a list of issues to be updated.

Then the update is performed, with both Administrators and the Jelastic Operations Team involved.

The final step is testing of the newly updated platform by Administrators.