Collaboration User Group

Usually, the trial groups provide time-limited access to the platform. It may not be optimal for most collaboration cases, where users only manage existing environments. So, to better support and improve the user experience for the account collaboration feature, the platform can assign all users registered through the collaboration invite link to a separate group.

The recommended solution is to set up a dedicated collaboration group with no trial period limit but at the same time without the ability to create own environments (to prevent the possibility of platform abuse). Obviously, any trial group restriction will be removed if the collaboration user decides to upgrade to a billing account.

Follow the steps below to configure your default collaboration group.

1. Log in to the JCA panel and navigate to the Groups section.

2. Choose a group that will be used for collaboration. You can use existing or create a new one. However, the group must be of the same type (trial, beta, post, billing) as the signup default one.

signup default group

3. Select your group for collaboration and set up the required permissions and limitations via the Quotas tab. For the recommended settings described at the start of this instruction, you need to adjust just two quotas:

  • account.trialperiod - set as “-1” to disable account deactivation
  • environment.maxcount - set as “0” to restrict environment creation for all users of the group

environment maxcount quotag

As a result, users get an “eternal” trial period but without the ability to create their own environments. With such settings, they can only work with the shared environments and create new ones at the primary billing account (if allowed).

4. In order to set a group as the default one for collaboration, select it and click the Actions > Use for Collaboration button at the tools panel.

set collaboration default group

After that, the chosen group will be marked with a green tick in the Collaboration Default column.


  • all the above-mentioned configurations are not mandatory, just a recommendation
  • a user of the trial account for collaboration can upgrade to billing and get the full functionality of the platform

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