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Case Severity Levels and Response Times

All incidents logged with Platform Support are assigned a severity level from 1 to 4 based on the impact on your business. The customer determines the initial severity level when placing a request for assistance. Severity levels may be changed after initial contact and assessment of the issue from a Support Engineer, providing the customer is in agreement.

The following table defines the severity levels and the targeted initial response time. It is helpful to clearly explain the business impact of your issue when contacting the Platform Support team.

LevelDescriptionInitial Response
Level 1Critical Business Impact:
  • Customer’s production use of the platform on a primary production servers is stopped or so severely impacted that the customer or his commercial end users cannot reasonably continue work.
  • And, customer can not resolve the issue on his own.
For Severity Level 1 problems, the Team will begin work on the problem within 2 hours of notification and handle as its highest priority until the customer is given a fix or workaround, or level of the problem is lowered. Customer resources must be made available in Severity Level 1 situations and reasonably cooperate with Virtuozzo Team to resolve the issue. Severity Level 1 problems could have the following characteristics:
  • System hang or crash situations
  • Data loss or data corruption
  • Critical functionality not available
Within 2 hours
Level 2Significant Business Impact: Important product features are unavailable with no acceptable workaround. Customer’s or customer end users production use of the platform in a primary production services are functioning with limited capabilities or are unstable with periodic interruptions. The software may be operating but is severely restricted. Maximum severity level for the issues with .Net and MS-SQL due to the technical peculiarities. Severity Level 2 problems could have the following characteristics:
  • Product error or failure forcing a restart or recovery
  • Severely degraded performance
  • Functionality unavailable but the system is able to operate in a restricted fashion.
Within 6 hours
Level 3Minimal Business Impact: Product features unavailable but a workaround exists and the majority of software functions are still usable. Minor function/feature failure that the customer or customers end user can easily circumvent or avoid. Customer’s or customer end users work has minor loss of operational functionality. Severity Level 3 problems could have the following characteristics:
  • Error message with workaround
  • Minimal performance degradation
  • Incorrect product behavior with minor impact
  • Questions on product functionality or configuration during implementation
Within 12 hours
Level 4Nominal Business Impact: Minor problem or question that does not affect the software function such as How To’s, documentation, general questions, or enhancement requests. There is no impact to product usage or customer’s or customer end users operations. Severity Level 4 problems could have the following characteristics:
  • Error message with workaround
  • General requests for advice on product usage
  • Clarification on product documentation or release notes
  • Product enhancement request
Within 24 hours
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Note: We provide support for Hosting Providers and Enterprize users only. In case Developers face any problems with their applications hosting, they should contact their Hoster’s Support.

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