User Interface Settings

Platform dashboard includes a number of UI peculiarities, which should be customized via JCA.

Navigate to System Settings > User Interface to see the list of parameters which are used at the dashboard. You can manage these parameters by enabling or disabling them at all or for some separate groups of users or even due to the used language.

Using the descriptions to configure the required values up to your needs. Some common settings are listed below:


Confirm the changes by clicking the Apply button.

Custom Dashboard Settings

Also, you can customize the dashboard of the managed platform through integrating the desired scripts or modifying its default interface elements. This can be done with the following steps:

1. Connect to the platform resources folder.

2. Within the public_html folder, upload the following files with your custom settings there:

  • header.html - should be used for redefining the default dashboard styles
  • footer.html - should be used for gaining extra functionality and options by adding the necessary scripts (e.g. Google analytics)

You can use just one of the above-mentioned files or both of them simultaneously, depending on your requirements.

3. Once this is done, access the https://app.{platform_domain}/rebuild link in your browser in order to initiate the changes' appliance.

As a result, the content of these files will be automatically fetched to the main index.html dashboard page.

What’s next?