Developers or SMBs Access

This group of platform customers can create environments, deploy their applications and perform all the actions required for the successful lifecycle of their applications. Environment and application management is performed via the platform’s panel for developers - PaaS Dashboard.

The main activities available for developers or SMBs in the platform are as follows:

  • create simple and complex environments
  • deploy applications in different ways without any code change
  • ability to tune and tweak configurations
  • scale applications vertically and horizontally
  • test and debug applications remotely
  • application lifecycle management
  • clone and share environments
  • suspend and activate stopped environments
  • process statistics and logs
  • upgrade and fund account, etc.

While using the PaaS, the typical developer might go from trial registration to features testing during the trial period. The major steps of this life cycle are represented in the diagram below:

At the end of the trial period developers decide whether to upgrade the account and reach the production or to get the account destroyed.

Enterprise installations do not have a trial period. In the enterprise private cloud developers can self-manage their application environments using the platform dashboard relieving IT administrators from environment configuration and setup tasks.