Engine-Related Targeting for Email Notifications

Commonly, every essential operation within platform user account is supplied with the appropriate notification, sent to its owner email. One of the most basic ones is a letter that a user receives upon environment creation. Being mostly intended to help new customers getting started with application hosting at the platform, it should contain references to the most essential information considering the defined environment topology (e.g. the appropriate server management, possible configurations, available features, etc.).

Thus, below we’ll review how to customize this email template to make it target-oriented and deliver the most relevant data based on used engine (subsequently, any other notification with engine-dependent content can be adjusted similarly).

  1. Log in to your platform JCA, switch to the Localization > Email Templates > Jelastic section and select the required template (environment_successfully_created in our case). 1

  2. Doubleclick the appropriate template string (or use the Edit button at the top pane) to open an email editor. 2

Here, you can review current text, subject and title of your emails to customize them accordingly.

  1. In order to implement the engine-based targeting, an {ENV_ENGINE} placeholder can be used. It fetches info on environment engine type and outputs it with one of the following possible values: java, php, ruby, nodejs, python, dotnet, docker

Within your emails, this parameter can be used to:

  • display engine in text, e.g. to describe links to the appropriate docs


  • configure your ${ENV_ENGINE} compute node
  • deploy ${ENV_ENGINE} project to your server
  • detect engine in scripts to combine the received value with conditional statements and, as a result, to provide more relevant use case examples and tutorials


Don’t forget to Save your changes when customization is finished.

  1. To make a new template available on production, click the Rebuild Email Cache button (or Publish for platforms with PaaS 5.1 version and higher). 3

In such a way, with targeted notifications you are able to automatically provide your customers with sufficient basic-level support and increase your service appeal in general.