HW/VM Vendors Limitations

Before choosing a particular vendor, we suggest reviewing the frequently faced limitations of some of the most popular service providers. These restrictions can affect the platform deployment and functionality.

vendor supported features

Virtualization technology - defines the virtualization type used by particular vendors.

Platform editions:

  • Business edition – the typical case of the Virtuozzo Application Platform installation, which provides a complete list of features, includes business and technical support, as well as a turnkey installation and configuration performed by the platform engineers according to the specific project needs.
  • Lite edition - a personal PaaS with an automated installation on Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, or Vultr from the convenient prepackaged image. It is specifically designed as a lightweight version for smaller customers that require a virtual private cloud but have a limited budget.

The linked document provides a comprehensive overview of the Virtuozzo Application Platform editions.

Highly available storage - defines the availability of storage with extra capabilities and reliability.

Since Cloud Storage is not compatible with virtualization, it can actually be installed on bare-metal servers only.

Virtuozzo Hybrid infrastructure (VHI) provides its own highly available storage out-of-the-box, so there is no need to use any extra redundancy on the hosts (virtual machines) level.

Private network availability:

  • Some service providers don’t support managed private L2 networks and the attachment of more than one internal IP address to a single VM instance. Thus additional OpenVSwitch-based overlay networks should be configured.

IPv4/IPv6 external network availability:

  • Some service providers bind IPs to a specific host, making it necessary to re-attach this IP address to a different host upon container migration, which is not possible on the platform at the moment. Also, some service providers do not support attaching more than one public IP address to a single VM instance (Limited capabilities).
  • Some service providers do not support attaching public IP addresses directly to node instances (marked as "No").

Network protocol stack:

Keep in mind that some service providers do not support protocols other than ICMP/UDP/TCP/ESP.

Windows VM Support:

It is available only for bare-metal servers, as nested virtualization is not supported. However, Windows VM Support can be enabled for any platform by adding a dedicated bare-metal host in a separate host group/region (specifically for Windows VM purposes) that meets the appropriate hardware requirements.

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