Invoices Review

The Billing > Invoices section logs all the invoices generated by the platform. The list tracks payments state, allowing to monitor the POST users' charges and easily distinguish problematic invoices.

JCA billing invoices

The table provides the following information:

  • Invoice ID - a unique identifier of the invoice
  • User ID - identifier of the corresponding account within the platform (click to review the user in details)
  • Description - invoices' description
  • Status - one of the four states of the invoice lifecycle (Created, Expired, Payed, Payed after expired)
    Tip: For better visualization, the status is additionally highlighted via the color-coded icons at the start of each line (Created - blue, Payed - green, Expired - red).
  • Created - date and time of invoice creation
  • Expired - expiration date for the invoice
  • Payed - date and time the invoice was paid
  • Reseller - shows which reseller generated an invoice ("-" for the main platform)
  • Total - invoice amount (sum for all the consumed resources)

    Tip: You can view a detailed report on the invoice price by hovering over the Total column and clicking on the appeared info icon.

    invoice cost details

In order to narrow down the list, the filters in the tools bar (by the reseller, status, and time interval) can be used. Also, you can provide some key phrases to the Search field to locate invoices with matching text in the Invoice ID, User ID, and Description columns.

invoices tools panel

Click the Search button to apply the filters and Clear to restore the default list.

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