Pricing Models

The Billing > Pricing Models section in JCA provides information about all of the pricing models (i.e. a set of tariffs for charging consumed resources) available on the platform.

JCA pricing model

In case, when there is at least one reseller, a dedicated drop-down list appears at the tools panel, allowing to switch between the main and all of the assigned sub-platforms. Use it to select the required installation.

Within the section, you can manage the list of pricing models available on the platform:

Add New Pricing Model

If you need to create a new pricing model, perform the next simple steps:

1. Click the Add button above the list of existing models.

add pricing model

2. Within the opened Add Pricing Model window, you need to specify Basic Data (i.e. Name and, optionally, Description) and configure Tariffs for your pricing model.

add pricing model dialog

Note: There should be at least one obligatory default plan chosen for each tariff type. Also, you can tick/untick additionally created tariffs for some separate nodes or features if there are any.

3. After all the required values are stated, click Save at the bottom of the form and your new pricing model will appear in the list.

Now, you should assign it to user groups for being used.

Edit Pricing Model’s Tariffs

Click on a particular model to see the information about assigned tariffs at the appropriate panel to the right. If needed, you can modify this tariff set:

1. Select the required Pricing Model and click the Edit button above the list.

edit pricing model

2. Adjust tariffs for your pricing model via the automatically fetched list.

apply pricing model changes

Don’t forget to Apply the changes you’ve made.

Remove Pricing Model

The pricing model, which is no longer needed, can be easily removed from the platform:

1. Select the pricing model you want to delete and click Remove at the top tools panel.

remove pricing model

Note: You cannot remove a pricing model if it is assigned to any group.

2. Confirm your actions within the pop-up.

confirm pricing model deletion

As a result, the appropriate model will be removed from the list.

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