Recharge Card

The Recharge Cards are user balance recharge options (i.e. refill sums) allowed for the platform installations based on the Cleverbridge and OBAS billing systems.

JCA recharge cards

To configure the list of these recharge plans, go to the JCA > Billing > Recharge Card section and use the buttons within the tools panel to:

Add New Recharge Card

1. If you want to Add a recharge card, click the same-named button in the tools panel.

2. In the opened window, specify the following data:

  • Enabled - tick to make the recharge card available for users
  • Price - set the refill amount with this card
  • External Card ID - set the identifier of this recharge card in the external billing system
  • Description - provide any preferable description (optional)
  • Default - tick to offer this plan to users by default during the balance refills. Only one recharge card can be set as default at once, i.e. a new default automatically replaces the previous one

add recharge card

3. Click Save to add your new recharge card to the table.

Edit Recharge Card

To change any of the recharge card’s parameters, select it in the list and click the Edit button (or double-click the record).

edit recharge card

In the opened window, adjust the values up to your needs (see the description of the parameters in the previous section) and click the Save button.

Remove Recharge Card

You can Remove recharge card that is no longer needed with the appropriate button at the tools panel.

remove recharge card

Note: You cannot delete the default recharge card, please set another one as default before proceeding.

Confirm the action via a pop-up.

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