The Subscriptions tab of the platform admin’s Billing section provides information on all the subscriptions purchased by users for the Products configured on the platform.

billing subscriptions

The table displays the following data on the subscriptions:

  • Product – the name of the product
  • Service Plan – the name of the service plan (hover over and click the appeared hint icon for additional information)
  • Usage – a number of active instances and total quantity included in the subscription
  • Status – subscription status (can be active or terminated)
  • User ID – unique identifier of a user who bought the subscription (click it to locate the appropriate user)
  • Cost – subscription cost for the period (per one instance)
  • Period – duration of the current subscription (month or year)
  • Created – time and date when the subscription was issued

Selecting a record with active instances (see the Usage column) will open an additional tab to the right with a list of related environments. Click the AppID number to show that environment on the appropriate admin panel page.

subscription environments

When processing a large list of subscriptions, you can use the tools panel to filter by needed user ID and subscription status.

subscriptions tools panel

Also, cluster admins can manually terminate subscriptions.

Note: All user environments created under this subscription will be permanently deleted.

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