Groups of Users

Use the Groups section of JCA to see the list of all available user groups and manage them via the appropriate settings (e.g. set quotas and pricing models).

Four group types (beta, billing, post, and trial) are available within the Groups table. Herewith, each one is provided with at least one record. Information on the Name, Reseller, Signup Default, Collaboration Default, and Descriptions is displayed within the list.

JCA groups

In case, when there is at least one reseller, a dedicated drop-down list appears at the tools panel, allowing to switch between the main and all of the assigned sub-platforms. Use it to select the required installation.

Below, we’ll overview how to:

Manage User Group List

While working with a user group list, you can Add new groups and Edit/Remove existing ones.

groups management buttons

1. To create a new user group, click the Add button from the tools panel.

add group dialog

Within the opened Add Group frame, fill in the following fields:

  • enter the Name for a new group
  • choose the desired group Type (trial, billing, post, or beta)
  • select the Source Group from the automatically fetched list of existing groups of the same Type. The default settings for a new group (welcome email, quotas, pricing model) will be copied from the selected source one. These values can be subsequently edited due to the requirements
  • optionally, specify a Description

Click the Save button when ready. A new group will appear in the list in a moment.

2. You can Edit the existing groups to adjust Name and Description (see descriptions in the previous step).

edit group dialog

Don’t forget to Save applied changes.

After changing the group’s Name, the appropriate welcome email in the Localization > Email Templates section will be automatically adjusted.

3. To delete a user group, you need to ensure there are no users assigned to it:

  • switch to the Users section, choose the group you want to remove via the appropriate filter and click Search
  • select all the found results and click the Change Group option from the Actions menu
  • choose a new group within the opened frame and confirm the transfer

remove group confirmation

Within the Groups section, select the required record, click the Remove button, and confirm your decision.

Set Default Groups

The platform has several special-purpose groups, which can be configured using the Actions drop-down list at the top of the Groups panel.

1. Each group type (beta, billing, post, and trial) has a default group, which is automatically used if a specific one was not requested. A dedicated “(default)” label is provided to highlight such a group within the list.

set as default group

To change the default group of the type, select any non-default one and click the Set as Default from the Actions list.

2. You can set a default signup group to automatically assigned all new users registered on the platform to it. Such a group will be ticked within the Signup Default column.

signup default group

Choose a required group from the list and click the Use for Signup option in the Actions list.

3. The default collaboration group allows assigning new users invited via the collaboration feature into a separate group. Such one will be ticked within the Collaboration Default column.

collaboration default group

Choose a required group (should be of the same type as the default signup group) from the list and click the Use for Collaboration option in the Actions list.

Customize User Group

You can manage the currently selected group via the Quotas and Regions & Pricing tabs in the panel to the right.

1. The table of Quotas allows configuring default permissions and limitations for all users within the group.

group quotas

You can use the Search field to locate the required quota and the Edit button (or double-click) to adjust its value. Apply the changes with the Update button.

2. In the Regions & Pricing tab, you can view the availability of the host groups for the users of this group. Click Edit to adjust it.

group regions and pricing

3. Within the edit mode, you can tick Host Groups (environment regions) that will be Available for this group and select the Default one among them. Also, it is possible to change the Pricing Model for a particular region by clicking the pencil icon and selecting a new one from the appeared list.

edit group regions and pricing

Don’t forget to Apply the changes you’ve made.

Notice about Changing User Groups

Please take into consideration the following specifics of the user group changing via JCA:

  • for correct upgrade into the billing account group, a user should click the Upgrade button at the dashboard and fill in the appropriate form to be registered in the platform’s billing system
  • for correct migration into the post account group, a user should be registered in the platform’s billing system (see the previous point), then you can move this user to the post group manually via JCA
  • to change user group from post to any other, please contact Support Team
DO NOT upgrade users to the billing group manually via JCA. Otherwise, they won’t be registered in the billing system and, as a result, won’t be able to refund the account via the dashboard.

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