This documentation section provides in-depth information on the Cluster Admin (JCA) panel usage. The following main functionality is provided by JCA: platform monitoring, statistics reports, tariffs management, billing data review, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

To start with, please check the video below and get a quick overview of all the sections and management options available within the JCA panel:

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Basic Concepts

Tip: The detailed Concepts & Terminology of the platform can be viewed in the dedicated document.
A cluster is a group of servers and other resources that act as a single system for providing the ability to install, run, and maintain hosted applications. A PaaS Cluster includes Hosts and a Cluster Orchestrator.

Cluster Orchestrator is a set of internal components for managing, processing, analyzing, and supporting the platform.

Hosts are the physical servers which store all the isolated containers installed by end-users.

An environment is a collection of isolated nodes (software stacks), which are required for running particular application services.

Node (Container) is an isolated virtual instance, which provision particular software stack.

IP Pool contains a list of the internal (for usage inside the cluster only) and external (both IPv4 and IPv6, for access from anywhere over the Internet) IP addresses, which are available on the platform.

Migration is the operation of navigating containers between different hosts without interruption of the running processes. It is required to locate nodes on hosts during the creation and to balance platform load during the lifecycle.

Using Cluster Admin Panel

After you have logged into the admin panel, use the navigation menu to the left to access the required section:

jca menu of the cluster admin panel

Each cluster has several monitoring daemons watching the system health. You can see their state by hovering over a cluster name.