Email Templates

In the Email Templates section, you can find and manage the texts of all available emails, which are grouped based on the following categories:

  • Billing
  • Authentication
  • Provisioning
  • Statistics

email templates list

After selecting a particular email template, you can preview it within the right-hand section. email preview with translations

The red mark near email language indicates that translation was not applied. Such notifications are not available on production (the default language template will be sent instead). To make the red email available, edit it and save changes.

Editing Email Templates

Double-click on the required email (if needed, use the Search field to locate template in the list) or select it and click the Edit button above.
email templates edit button

In the opened Editor you can customize the email template according to your requirements and preview it immediately.
email templates editor

  1. If you provide support of additional languages (except the default English one), you should choose the required Language using the drop-down menu at the top. The email template for each of the available languages should be edited separately.
    email template language selector

  2. You can edit the content directly in the middle part of the opened window or update its HTML source using the appropriate email editor html button button.

  3. Tick the Use Custom checkbox, if you don’t want to apply the master template (i.e. allows redefining it for this particular email).
    use custom master template

  4. Placeholders are a special type of variables, which are adjusted based on the particular email. For example, you can not provide user email within notifications explicitly (as it will be sent to all your customers and not just one), so you should add the ${USER_NAME} placeholder instead, which will be converted into the appropriate account email automatically.

The list of available Placeholders for the email notification is displayed in the same-named section to the left (hover over each particular item to view a short description). There are two kinds of placeholders:

  • Required - these are recommended by the platform for the current email
  • Common - other placeholders, which may be useful within the template

To add or change any placeholder, click the email editor placeholder button button in the editor tools menu at the top. Choose the needed placeholder using the list in the opened window and Submit your choice.
add placeholder to email template

Most of the placeholders are defined in the System Settings > jclient section, which allows adjusting their values for all of the email templates at once.

  1. To insert a link, select some text or placeholder and click the email editor links button button.
    insert edit link in email editor

In the opened window, select the necessary link placeholder within the Link List field or paste the needed link to the Link URL field and click Insert.

  1. Once all of the edits are done, Save the changes you’ve made.
    email editor save rollback buttons

If you want to revert any custom changes applied to the email template, you can Rollback to the default version.

Do not forget to publish emails, making changes available in production.

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