Migrations Report

The Reports > Migrations section represents the information on the state of migration between all hosts. Here, you can review and analyze any container transfer performed on the platform and check the ongoing ones (if any).

All of the records displayed in the Migrations table are automatically sorted by date, showing the most recent ones at the top (i.e. providing the most relevant and up-to-date information). Here, you can get the following data on the occurred migrations:

  • Source Host - initial location of the node
  • Target Host - destination location of the instance
  • Node Name - type, ID, and environment name of the migrated instance
  • Type - a software stack and version of the migrated container
  • Status - a state of the migration process (COMPLETED, IN PROGRESS, or FAILED)
  • Start and End Time - the exact date and time of the migration process start and completion
  • Duration - an interval between Start and End Time of migration

jca migrations report

The first column of the table reflects the migration process status via the appropriate icons: green (completed), loader (in progress), red (failed).
If needed, you can specify a period of search (Start and End Date) and apply filters:

  • Source and Target Host of the migrated instance
  • Status (All, In Progress, Completed, Failed) of the migration process

When ready, click Search to get the results based on the specified criteria. Use the Clear button to disable all filters and Refresh to update data in the list.

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