Platform Resellers

Navigate to the Resellers section of the JCA to view the list of resellers at the platform (if any).

jca resellers

The table provides the following information:

  • ID - reseller’s numeric identifier
  • Name - platform reseller unique name (also, is used as a prefix for tariffs, pricing models, and user groups of this reseller)
  • JCA - URL to the reseller platform admin panel (click to open in a new tab)
    Resellers' admin panels represent aliases to the parent platform. So, regardless of accessing JCA via a reseller or main platform domain, users get the same functionality, which is defined by their access rights.
  • Dashboard - link to the reseller-dedicated dashboard (click to open in a new tab)
  • User ID - reseller’s account identifier (click to locate within the Users tab)
  • Comment - an optional field with some additional information on the reseller

Below, we’ll overview how to add a new reseller and how to manage existing ones.

Add New Reseller

To create a new reseller, follow the next steps.

  1. Click Add at the top of the Resellers section.
    jca add reseller

During a new reseller addition, the following data is copied from the primary platform:

  • Email Templates - ensure templates do not contain “hardcoded” URLs (like links to the dashboard, for one-time authorization, account upgrade, etc.). For the correct operability on all the platforms, these parameters should be specified via placeholders
  • Groups - default user groups of each type: beta, trial, post, and billing
  1. In the opened Add Reseller frame, you need to specify:
  • Reseller Settings
    • Name - unique ID of the reseller
    • Account - email address of the existing user who wants to become a reseller
    • Currency - the main currency to be used on the reseller
    • Comment - an optional field for any additional information
  • Domains
    • Domain - domain name without protocol and any special symbols for the platform and required regions (tick the ones, that should be available at a reseller’s sub-platform)

      It’s highly recommended to use different domains for the reseller platform and regions to ensure that the platform domain won’t be included in blacklists (e.g. due to end-users handling some prohibited content). Also, before the PaaS 5.8 release, the same domain cannot be used for the parent and reseller platforms, as this may cause problems during such a reseller removal.

    • SSL - reseller’s SSL certificates can be provided by clicking on the pencil pictogram (after specifying a domain name), similar to SSL for regions

add reseller dialog

After everything is set up, click the Add button at the bottom-right part of the frame and wait a minute for the appropriate account to appear in the list.

Though the majority of settings are copied from the parent platform, some parameters should be preliminarily configured for the platform to work correctly.

Manage Resellers

You can manage the existing resellers, by selecting the required one from the list and using the buttons within the tools panel:
jca manage resellers

  1. Click the Edit button (or double click a record) to apply changes to the reseller.
    edit reseller dialog

Within the opened Edit Reseller frame, you can update any parameter specified during addition, except the default Currency value. It can be redefined via the HOSTER_CURRENCY System Settings (in the reseller JCA).

Domains edits for a particular sub-platform (e.g. changing the domain name, SSL certificate, available regions) can affect its existing environments without external IP. We recommend migrating the influenced environment before applying such changes. Nevertheless, this cannot completely ensure the workability of corresponding applications, as their configs may contain the “hardcoded” links with a previously used domain.
Click Save to apply the changes.

  1. To delete a reseller and disable the appropriate sub-platform, select it within the list of existing ones and click the corresponding Remove button above.

confirm reseller removal

  • reseller with assigned users cannot be removed - change group for these customers beforehand
  • removal of a reseller does not delete the appropriate account, which can still be used as a regular user on the parent platform
Confirm your decision within the appeared pop-up to finish.

  1. As an admin user of the parent platform, you can log into JCA under a reseller account by selecting the required record and clicking the Sign In as Reseller button.

reseller admin panel

This option helps with configuration and speeds up issue resolution with the resellers.

If needed, you can track the Sign In as User and Sign In as Reseller actions via the Access Control > Audit Log section.

What’s next?