Packaging Standard

Packaging Standard (also known as JPS) is a standard that can be used for preparing the templates of the fully configured applications which are ready to be installed on the platform in one click. This system gives an opportunity to create an automated installer for both Java, PHP, Ruby, Python and Node.js applications.

This installer simplifies the applications installation and configuration for the end-users. JPS provides the process of creating and automating the deployment of applications with a predefined default set of properties and behaviors. At the same time the usage of the application is rather flexible considering available horizontal and vertical scaling of environments.

With JPS you can offer your users the widgets for fast installation of applications. In such a way it is gained the improvement of the applications distribution and sale. Also packaging can help to reduce application support and management costs.

The widget contains a manifest (or a link to its source) with the description of the cloud environment needed for the application, and instructions for installing and configuring applications. To create an appropriate JPS manifest JSON format should be used. You can name the file with manifest as you need. The only requirement is that it should be saved in .json extension.

application manifest

To install the packaged cloud application a user needs to initiate the installation via the widget. After that the confirmation link will be sent to the email. After following this link a user should wait just a few minutes for internal processes to be completed. The platform automatically performs unpacking packages, parsing the manifest data and interconnecting the required nodes. As a result the user gets a fully configured running application without any extra steps of installation.


Below you’ll find the information on how to create the installation widget and how to prepare the application manifest correctly. Also we’ll show this process of one-click installation from the end-users side.

Note: If you have packaged your own application due to our instructions, you can contact your hosting provider and negotiate adding your JPS to the default one-click deployment applications in the dashboard. In such a way your app will be available for automatic deploy to all users within your hosting platform.