Managing Dockerized Stack Templates

All DOCKERIZED templates are listed within the appropriate JCA > Templates section alongside with the rest of software stacks, available at your platform.


Legacy platform certified templates (i.e. native and cartridge-based ones, which were substituted with appropriate Docker images) also remain present. By default, they are marked as non-Published (-) and therefore are unavailable within your platform topology wizard.

As a cluster administrator, you are able to manage such templates similarly to the legacy ones, using the tools that are available at the top pane of Templates section.


By clicking the Edit button, you can change the following template settings:

  • Display Name - server name that is displayed within JCA and end-user dashboard
  • Icons - images that are used for a stack
    • 16x16 - for display throughout JCA and end-user dashboard
    • 32x32 - for environment wizard at the dashboard
  • Tags - server versions that will be available for end-users (can be provided selectively by marking the required checkboxes) with a single Default one (will be automatically chosen for server creation until any other is specified)


The remaining settings appear dimmed, since they are automatically fetched from the appropriate default platform-managed template and can not be edited (unless integrating your custom template with these options non-specified).

To apply the changes, click Save.

For the detailed information on the rest of available tools for stack management, see the JCA > Templates reference.

What’s next?