Monitoring System Overview

Monitoring and analyzing the received data is an essential process of maintaining a system. With the platform, you can monitor overall system performance, check numerous infrastructure parameters, track service components and user environments state, and collect business analytics.

Different monitoring systems can be integrated with the platform:

Zabbix Monitoring

Zabbix Monitoring Solution is used to monitor the main parameters of the PaaS cluster and its various infrastructure components. It monitors services availability, resource usage, network parameters, servers health and integrity.

Zabbix uses a flexible notification mechanism that allows configuring preferred delivery methods (email, SMS, Jabber, or custom scripts). Such customizability ensures the fastest reaction to platform-related issues.

Zabbix is free for use and distributed under the GPLv2, General Public License version 2. It means that its source code is freely distributed and available to the general public.

There are two ways of monitoring with the help of the Zabbix system:

Use the above-mentioned links to get acquainted with Zabbix settings for the platform monitoring.

Google Analytics

With the platform, you can configure Google Analytics Monitoring for your dashboard. This utility gathers traffic statistics, tracks user signups, monitors used functionality and dashboard actions.

You can find detailed information in the appropriate Google Analytics Monitoring document.

Pentaho Reports

The built-in support of the Pentaho business analytic tool for the platform was deprecated.

Pentaho is a modern integrated platform for collecting business analytics and visualizing the received data across multiple dimensions. The platform’s Pentaho system includes a wide range of reports with end-user statistics.

To get more information, navigate to the Pentaho Reports document.

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