PaaS Installation On-Premise

Platform can be easily deployed as a public or private installation on top of any hardware server that meets the platform’s requirements. Follow a few simple steps to initiate the process.

1. Prepare a hardware server (e.g. bare metal or IaaS) and ensure it meets the following hardware requirements.

Read through the linked document to get acquainted with other necessary components - public IPs, custom domains, SSL certificates, Docker Hub billing account, etc.

2. Based on your needs, fill and submit one of the two forms below:

Tip: You can compare the platform functionality provided by these licenses on the appropriate Editions Comparison page.

3. Wait for the response from the Virtuozzo team. Our manager will contact you to explain details regarding the platform, installation process, licensing and answer any additional questions.

After clarifying all the nuances and reaching an agreement, a responsible engineer will install a platform on your hardware server.

What’s next?