Operations Guide Introduction

Operations guide is a document for the platform service hosting providers. It is created with the purpose of describing the workflow of the operations process. There are two parties involved in this process:

  • Platform Owner (you)
  • Virtuozzo Team

All of the major maintenance activities are listed in the table below and can be applied to the user/infrastructure hosts or containers. Most of the activities can be performed by Platform Owner independently, while others require assistance from the Virtuozzo Operations team (contact via Virtuozzo Support) for the proper maintenance.

The table legend:

  • Activity - a short description of the operation (click on the link to view the appropriate guide)
  • User Host - host with user containers
  • Infrastructure Host - host with the Virtuozzo Application Platform infrastructure containers and other infrastructure elements
  • Infrastructure Container - a container with a particular component of the Virtuozzo PaaS infrastructure
  • Platform Owner - this operation can be performed by yourself (according to the linked instruction)
  • Virtuozzo Operations - this activity should be performed by the Virtuozzo Operations team (can be requested via Virtuozzo Support)
  • N/A - an activity is not available for the appropriate element

Deployment and Scaling

ActivityUser HostInfrastructure HostInfrastructure ContainersEnd-User Containers
Adding New HostPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo TeamN/AN/A
Additional SoftwarePlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo Team (paid)Platform Owner
Adding New RegionsPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo Team (paid)N/AN/A
Adding New Host GroupsPlatform OwnerN/AN/AN/A

Configuration and Setup

ActivityUser HostInfrastructure HostInfrastructure ContainersEnd-User Containers
SSH Access ManagementPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo TeamPlatform Owner
Uploader ConfigurationN/AVirtuozzo TeamVirtuozzo TeamN/A
Host Firewall ConfigurationPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo TeamVirtuozzo TeamN/A
End-Users' Container Firewall ConfigurationN/AN/AN/APlatform Owner
IP Configuration and RoutingPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo Team (paid)Platform Owner
Zabbix Agent ConfigurationPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo TeamPlatform Owner
Logrotate ConfigurationPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo TeamPlatform Owner
Infrastructure Container Limits ConfigurationN/AN/AVirtuozzo TeamN/A
VPN for Users' Containers and EnvironmentsPlatform OwnerN/AN/APlatform Owner


ActivityUser HostInfrastructure HostInfrastructure ContainersEnd-User Containers
Managing JCA AccountsN/AN/APlatform OwnerN/A
Managing OS User AccountsPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo TeamN/AN/A
File Access SettingsPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo TeamVirtuozzo TeamPlatform Owner

Monitoring and Maintenance

ActivityUser HostInfrastructure HostInfrastructure ContainersEnd-User Containers
Platform and Underlying Hardware MonitoringPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerPlatform Owner
Rebooting Host/ContainerPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerN/A
Restarting ProcessesPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerPlatform Owner
Editing System FilesPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo TeamVirtuozzo TeamPlatform Owner
Backup ManagementPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerPlatform Owner
Restoring from BackupPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo TeamPlatform Owner
Virtuozzo Software and Kernel UpdatePlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerN/AN/A
SSL Certificates UpdateN/AN/APlatform OwnerN/A
User Host DecommissionPlatform OwnerN/AN/AN/A
Infrastructure Migration to a New HostN/AVirtuozzo TeamN/AN/A
Outdated Data Removal from DatabaseN/AN/AVirtuozzo TeamN/A
Virtuozzo Application Platform UpgradeVirtuozzo TeamVirtuozzo TeamVirtuozzo TeamN/A
Hardware Management/UpgradePlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerN/AN/A

Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis

ActivityUser HostInfrastructure HostInfrastructure ContainersEnd-User Containers
Initial Assessment of End-User IssuesPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerPlatform Owner
Resolution of the Incidents Related to Infrastructure ProblemsPlatform OwnerPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo TeamN/A
Resolution of the Incidents Related to Platform Product IssuesVirtuozzo TeamVirtuozzo TeamVirtuozzo TeamVirtuozzo Team
Disaster Recovery due to Customer NeglectPlatform OwnerVirtuozzo Team (paid)Virtuozzo Team (paid)Platform Owner


  • If you plan to perform any maintenance, which is not listed in this table, and you are not sure on how it may affect the product, please contact the Virtuozzo Support team. Wait for the confirmation of the planned activities safety (some changes might cause application downtime or severe performance degradation).
  • Any custom configuration, which is not described in this guide, should be discussed with the Virtuozzo Operations team; otherwise, it may be overwritten during the next platform upgrade.

Deployment Process Responsibility

Virtuozzo Application Platform (business edition) deployment process includes the following stages:

Platform hardware specifications, network topology, and vendor discussionVirtuozzo Team
Domains' delegation configurationPlatform Owner
Hardware access provisioning (including backup storage)Platform Owner
Networks and public IPs provisioningPlatform Owner
Platform owner’s trusted hosts provisioningPlatform Owner
Paid Docker account provisioningPlatform Owner
SMTP access credentials provisioningPlatform Owner
Custom SSL provisioning (if applicable)Platform Owner
Hardware check and preliminary configurationVirtuozzo Team
Virtuozzo OS installation (all servers)Virtuozzo Team
Platform networks configurationVirtuozzo Team
Interregional routing configuration (if applicable)Virtuozzo Team
Storage configuration (Local Storage / RAID or Cloud storage if applicable)Virtuozzo Team/Platform Owner
Platform infrastructure installationVirtuozzo Team
Optional platform components installation and configurationVirtuozzo Team
Platform monitoring installation and configurationVirtuozzo Team
Platform and monitoring SMTP servers configurationVirtuozzo Team
Patcher (code delivery tool) installation and configurationVirtuozzo Team
Platform SSL configuration (Custom or Let’s Encrypt)Virtuozzo Team
Backup solution installation and configurationVirtuozzo Team
User quotas adjustmentVirtuozzo Team
Post-deployment platform automated testing and analysisVirtuozzo Team
Platform performance benchmark and results analysisVirtuozzo Team
Platform dashboard customizationVirtuozzo Team
Maintenance and error pages customizationVirtuozzo Team
Sign-up verification tool configuration assistance (if applicable)Virtuozzo Team
Support certification programVirtuozzo Team
Platform email templates reviewVirtuozzo Team
Pricing adjustments (if applicable)Virtuozzo Team
Billing integration configuration assistance (if applicable)Virtuozzo Team
Complex platform review before launchVirtuozzo Team

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