Access Token for Platform

The PaaS admins can utilize the Personal Access Tokens feature to perform management of the platform. Herewith, in order to get the extended permissions for the token to authenticate any action within the platform, you should generate it in the following way:

1. Log into user dashboard and click the Settings button at the top.

user account settings

2. In the opened frame, select the Access Tokens tab and click Generate.

generate new access token

3. Within the opened window, select the Extended Access template from the API drop-down list. Optionally, you can adjust the Description and Expires At date (in the dd-mm-yyyy format) for the token.

token with full platform access

Note: The Extended Access token provides access to your UI panels (user dashboard and, for admin accounts, JCA), excluding the Change Password, Account Settings, and Access Tokens tabs. Also, it allows removing environments via the dashboard without password confirmation (JCA operations still require password provision).

Click Generate to proceed.

4. Confirm creation by providing your account password.

confirm token generation

5. Next, you’ll see the access token value. Ensure you’ve saved it (use the Download/Copy buttons), as it won’t be displayed anywhere ever again.

save access token

Now, you can use and share your token with a full platform access.

What’s next?