Multilingual PaaS: Programming Languages Support Settings

The platform supports the most popular programming languages (such as Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, .NET, Go) and provides Docker containers integration. The availability of these options within developers dashboard can be configured via JCA.

Go to the System Settings > User Interface and adjust the ENGINE_TYPES parameter (list of programming languages to be displayed in the Topology Wizard) up to your needs.

enable programming languages for paas

By default, all (*) of the Platform supported languages are available for users, but in case you’d like to disable some engines (e.g. for some specific group), you need to substitute the default value according to the following format:

Note: To manage presence of the Docker containers tab at a wizard, the dedicated environment.docker.enabled quota should be used.

You can check the functionality provided to end-users based on each of the enabled programming languages:

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