Reasons for Billing Integration Testing

After integration or upgrade of your billing system (PBA, PBAS, WHMCS, Cleverbridge or your own custom) you should test it in order to ensure everything is installed and configured properly. Below you can see the list of cases which cause the necessity to (re)test billing:

1. The platform’s commercial launch.

2. The platform’s version upgrade.

3. Minor and major upgrades of billing system version.

Note: Before major version upgrade, please, contact Support Team in order to clarify whether this version is compatible with the platform. Perform the update only after getting confirmation.

4. Changing settings of payment methods inside billing system.

5. Changing login or password of admin user which are used to integrate your billing system with the platform.

6. Changing the platform recharge cards settings and their set:

  • Adding new recharge card;
  • Changing any info of that card (in case of PBAS using).

7. Changing IP address of billing system.

8. Migrating VM with billing system to another hardware host.

Note: Make sure that firewall rules at the target hardware host are the same as at the previous one.

What’s next?